Howson Books publishes speculative and progressive fiction and nonfiction. We are currently accepting submissions for novels or collected works over 50k words up to 120k words in sci-fi, fantasy, alternative history, and horror genres, particularly with a dystopian, steam punk, or solarpunk slant. We will also consider nonfiction from 20k up to 80k words in memoir, self-help, technology, philosphy, or craft and practical subjects, especially with an ecological, off-grid, or post-consumerist slant. If you have a manuscript or an idea that doesn’t fit into those categories, but you think it fits the “speculative and progressive” label, contact us to discuss your project.

Please note, we are a hybrid publisher, not a vanity press. We do not guarantee to publish your book if it fails to reach our quality standards, does not fit our outlook, or is not a good fit. If you submit a substandard manuscript, or we are unable to publish your book, we will give you directions for improving it and advice for self-publishing.

We do not pay advance fees for manuscripts. There is no upfront cost to authors. Howson Books publishes on a partnership basis. Authors provide the manuscript and retain ownership of their copyright. Howson Books provides editorial, cover and interior file design, and marketing and promotion support. Both parties invest time and effort in the creation of the book, and both parties share in the rewards after publication.

If you choose to publish with us, you may use us for print, digital, or audio-only editions, a combination of the above, or all available options. We will enter into a minimum term contract with you to publish your book and make it as widely available as possible in selected formats.

We are also open to submissions for  Picking Sides series volumes. Submit your stories for inclusion in Picking Sides Anthologies.
Stories will be grouped into themed teams, with 2-4 stories and authors on each team.
You may submit more than one story per anthology.
Anthologies will include an average of 12 stories per volume. Each author will be entitled to 5 percent of received royalties (or an equal share of 60 percent) with the remainder going towards production and marketing costs.

Submission Guidelines

Submit your manuscript for consideration for publication here. Please complete all fields.

  • Upload your manuscript in a Word document (.doc or .docx)
  • Make sure track changes is switched on, and proofing language set to either English US or English UK.
  • Use minimal formatting. Use the style gallery to set chapter headings and subheadings using Heading 1 – Heading 3. Use Title, Subtitle, and Author styles for title page.
  • Use normal or body text styles for body copy. Use either block indent (no first line indent and 1/2 line space between paragraphs) or first line indent (first line indent and no space between paragraphs, but no indent on first paragraphs after a heading). Do not use both first line indent and spacing between paragraphs.
  • Use styles in the style gallery to make text bold, italic, underlined, or for any other text decoration. Do not use inline formatting (using the B,I, U etc. buttons in the home ribbon.) Use minimal text decoration.
  • If you include images, ensure they are 300 d.p.i. or higher, and include them inline with text. Do not use text wrapping.
  • Use Calibri, Times New Roman, Arial, or other system standard fonts. Do not use fancy fonts.

Manuscripts submitted that do not meet these requirements may be returned unread with instructions to fix them. Or they may be run through formatting scripts to fix before reading, which may effect their visual quality. We strongly recommend you follow these guidelines.


Of course, this is the part you’re really interested in, right? How does the money work?

First, we don’t pay author advances. We’re a small publisher, and simply don’t have the funds to pay out an advance that might never be earned.

Second, we don’t ask for any upfront fees for editing, cover design, formatting, production of sales material, or anything else. Your risk is the time it takes you to write the book, ours is the time and money it takes us to turn it into a professional product.

Third, during the production of your book, Howson Books will incur costs. All costs associated with a book are assigned to your author account, and logged against your book. We publish the book and market it. When we receive royalties from book sellers, or sell book direct for a profit, we split the proceeds 30-30-40. Thrity percent goes direct to you, the author. Thirty percent goes to us as our profit and general business costs (we’re not a charity.) The other 40 percent goes towards paying off your book’s costs and further marketing.

When your book has paid back it’s costs, you will receive notification. At that point, you will have the choice to

  • continue receiving 30 percent of the royalties, and use the 40 percent for additional marketing
  • take 50 percent of the royalties, and put 20 percent into marketing
  • take 70 percent of the royalties, and take on the responsibility for marketing yourself.

If you want to take back the rights to your book and cease publication with us before it has earned out these costs, you may have to repay them to “buy out.” Once a book has “earned out,” you will be able to take back your rights and unpublish with us at any time, subject to minimum notification terms, to allow us to remove your book from our catalogue and reseller stores.

If you submit a story or article for inclusion in an anthology, you will not be able to pull it at a later date, as that would unfairly impact on the other authors in the anthology. You must be prepared to grant Howson Books a worldwide, non-exclusive, irrevocable licence to reproduce the work in print and digital editions to be considered for inclusion in an anthology.

If you have any questions, email prior to submitting your manuscript.